' As Above So Below ' Fine Art Giclée Print

High Quality, Acid Free, Archival Print:

Size A4 - 210 x 297 mm, 100 % 310 gsm textured Cotton Rag

"As above, so it is below. That which has been, will return again. As in heaven, so on earth. "


This piece was inspired by the great harmonic law of nature. Our bodies are a reflection of the larger Universe that we are all part of. If we wish to understand ourselves better, we must look within as well as without. Everything we know and feel is intricately and infinitely connected in life's rich and colorful tapestry. 

' As Above So Below ' Fine Art Giclée Print

  • Giclée prints are printed with archival pigment based ink, rather than dye based ink. Not only is the quality, detail and durability of pigment based ink far superior to dye, the cotton paper it's printed on also absorbs the ink much better and is superior in both strength and durability to wood pulp-based paper (which may contain high concentrations of acids). All of my art prints are printed on 100 % high quality 210 gsm or 310 gsm Cotton Rag paper.

    ***Printing colours may vary slightly from display colours.