' Moon Cycle' vinyl sticker

3 " Round
Durable vinyl with glossy finish
Water- & tear proof
Suitable for any surface

Convenient size design to put on your favourite every day items. A drink bottle you always carry around, your car's back window, your ipad, laptop or simply as part of a gift package to a special someone.

'Moon Cycle' represents the lunar tides that govern the ebbing and flowing of our fertility cycle and emotional wellbeing. The wheel that turns and turns.


* PS: once it sticks, it really sticks, so stick it somewhere good.

' Moon Cycle' vinyl sticker

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    Stickers are carefully packaged in clear, waterproof acid-free sleeve with recyclable cardboard backing.

    Shipping for stickers does not include tracking unless they are part of a larger print order. 

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    ** Printing colours may vary slightly from display colours.