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I've worked
with various

wild dreamers,
free thinkers,
& big hearted clients
over the last years.

Feel welcome to
REACH OUT if you have any questions at all!


✺  Kind words from past & current clients  ✺

"I've worked with Marileen a number of times now and my experience has always been very positive.

Marileen is a wonderful artist, who has the gift of communicating aspirational, uplifting visions through her
beautiful, aesthetically pleasing imagery.
It's like her work speaks to the higher potentials of humanity and life at large, inviting the viewer into
greater possibility, beauty, and kindness. Also on a more practical level it's very pleasant to work with Marileen.
She's responsive and understanding, she thinks along with you and comes up with her own creative ideas,
and she's trustworthy and kind in all her communications. Highly recommended!"​
- Annick de Witt, Worldview Journeys, NL

"Marileen is amazing! I am starting a new business and knew I wanted my logo to be unique.
As soon as I saw her work, I knew she was the right artist to connect with for this project.
Marileen has a warm, bright energy that made the initial process fun and seamless.
Coupled with her artistic gifts and her ability to listen and tap in to exactly what I was looking for,
was almost magical. I am so, so pleased with the outcome and hope to work with her again on another project."

- Lynn Miller, Sacred Spaces, US

" I’m always left inspired by Marileen’s ability to not only produce her own beautiful original artwork,
but also to take in the ideas of her clients and intertwine them with her own creativity. 
Working with her for my business logo and packaging design was both efficient and enjoyable. 

She created an artwork that represented my business and its products perfectly,
I couldn’t be happier!"
- Jackson Lewis, The Inner Grove Apothecary, AU

"Working together with Marileen feels like coming home to me. She is incredibly good at tapping into
what is needed to effectively design my logo's. She works with diligent precision and is super adaptive.
Her artistic abilities keep amazing and blowing me away. Every now and then I think of a new product
just so that I have an excuse to 'adopt' another 'Marileen'.
- Marjolein Vos, Wombfulness, NL

"I don't really remember how I found Marileen…The best things always happen by chance.
We immediately had a connection. I felt that I could trust her and just let Marileen do her job. This freedom has
produced wonderful things. Despite the small briefing I provided her with, she knew what I was looking for!
Working together remotely did not matter at all. I love her fine way of painting. Marileen has a very sensitive
nature and good intuition. The details are amazing, between magic and reality with a very strong message. Chapeau!
I'm already looking forward to working on more projects together.“ 

- Johanna Kiebacher, Inspiring Energy, IT
" When the time came to create a logo for my herbal medicine business I could offer Marileen only the most primitive of sketches. The way in which she quickly yet thoughtfully reshaped those ideas in to an enduring yet versatile logo was really quite amazing! Working with Marileen, I felt the essences of my roughly sketched inspirations being exalted and
refined in a caring and deeply considerate way. Along with this care came a thoroughness and keen discernment.
The end result is a logo that is sleek, nuanced and contemporary. "
- Diggory Frampton, Soulgarden Medicines, AU
" Working with Marileen felt joyful and effortless. She was able to create art for our project that truly expressed the unique energy that we were calling in. The images are beyond gorgeous and they give our project that extra magical touch that draws the audience in. Her art touches the spirit in such a unique way and it's been a joy to work with her! "
- Nancy, Free Birth Society, US
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